Are plastic windows harmful to us?

Are plastic windows harmful to us

Today, thousands of people choose plastic windows. This choice is due to the fact that it is convenient and energy efficient. But was there environmental safety at the same time? Will the installation of plastic windows not harm human health?

The profile of metal-plastic windows is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material is included in the group of thermoplastics. It contains bound chlorine (57%), which is obtained from table salt, and ethylene (47%). Raw PVC is a powder. To make a profile for plastic windows from this powder, it is necessary to add PVC modifiers, stabilizers, pigments and the necessary auxiliary additives to the powder.

In extreme situations, sometimes ordinary safe materials can harm a person. However, for every minus there is a scientifically proven plus.

Cons and pros of PVC windows

➕ In case of fire, PVC double-glazed windows do not ignite, unlike conventional wooden frames;

➕ PVC prevents the spread of fire;

➖ during the combustion of PVC, hydrogen chloride is released;

➕ the concentration is negligible for the harm of the body.

➖ when burning all materials that include organic compounds, odorless carbon monoxide is always released;

➕ since PVC burns more slowly than wood, the concentration of carbon monoxide does not reach a value that is dangerous to human life.

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