Metal and plastic WDS windows

Plamet is a factory that manufactures windows from WDS 5S, WDS 6S, WDS 8S. This is a profile of a domestic manufacturer, the Miroplast plant, whose facilities are located in the city of Dnipro.

WDS windows occupy a leading position in the Ukrainian market and not for nothing. Thanks to the efforts of Plamet employees, WDS windows have an impeccable quality and an affordable price.

Let’s take a closer look at each WDS profile line

  • WDS 5S windows

This is a profile system that has a mounting width of 60 mm and has 5 air chambers, allows installing a 32 mm wide glass unit, has a gray seal. Ideal for glazing apartment windows, balconies, loggias, balcony blocks.

  • WDS 6S windows

This is a profile system with a mounting width of 70 mm and has 6 air chambers, which gives this profile an advantage in energy efficiency. Due to the greater width of the profile, such a window can be glazed with a 40 mm wide glass unit. With WDS windows by Plamet you can save on heating and provide yourself with comfortable living conditions. WDS 6S windows also provide good sound insulation, and no extraneous sounds will disturb you. Ideal for glazing cottages, townhouses, private houses and apartments.

  • WDS 8S windows

The warmest WDS profile series. Due to such width the WDS 8S windows have three sealing contours, the maximum glass unit is available for order with a width of 44 mm.

The energy efficiency of Plamet windows made from WDS 8S profile is 2.5 times higher than a normal window. Recommended for owners of private cottages with autonomous heating. Savings on heating are guaranteed.

WDS windows by Plamet can be ordered in white, as well as laminated in wood color.

The most popular WDS window colors:

  • golden oak
  • walnut
  • dark oak
  • mahogany
  • anthracite

To buy windows by Plamet means to to provide yourself with comfort forever!

You can order WDS windows by Plamet at

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