Metal and plastic Kommerling (KBE) windows

KBE windows are windows that are characterized by German quality. It is worth noting that this profile is manufactured in Ukraine, in Zaporizhzhia at the Profine plant, on modern German equipment using a German GreenLine technology. This technology is lead-free and has the highest environmental friendliness for both human health and the environment.

KBE windows by Plamet are presented only in KBE Optima profile.

This profile system has 6 chambers, 70 mm mounting width, 3 mm outer wall thickness and belongs to the class A profile category, which in turn increases the service life of this profile and adds rigidity to the product. The maximum width for glazing windows with KVE glass unit is 40 mm.

We recommend them for glazing of living premises: a hall window, a kitchen window, a children’s room window. Ideal for glazing cottages, private houses. High energy efficiency will help maintain a healthy indoor climate and save on heating. KBE windows are available for order in both white color and with lamination. KBE windows by the Plamet company are an ideal choice for many years! Warranty from the manufacturer.

How to order excellent quality KBE windows at an affordable price?

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