Windows with frame bars

Let’s turn to the dictionary of window terms, what is a frame bar?

Frame bars are decorative elements that are installed inside a glass unit and form a false weave in a metal and plastic window.

Frame bar in a window plays only a decorative function. It gives a window a non-standard look and emphasizes the appearance of the building, giving it sophistication. Frame bars are often used in the windows of historic buildings that are restored, old architectural buildings.

Windows with frame bars Kyiv

Types of frame bars:

  • Plated
  • Inside a glass unit
  • Constructive
  • Venetian

Let’s consider the frame bars that are installed inside a glass unit, as they are the most common and most practical.

First of all, as a frame bar is inside a glass unit, there is no need to constantly wipe it from dust, it is protected between the glass, it does not collect debris.

Windows with frame bars Cherkasy

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    But before you order windows with frame bars, we must tell you about the possible risks associated with this decorative element.

    Frame bars are decorative aluminum frames that are located between the glass, so they form an additional bridge of cold. For the windows with frame bars the likelihood of such a phenomenon as condensation is greater in the cold season. Also, if the area of ​​the window is large and the division with frame bars is too dense, vibration of the frame bars may occur when opening and closing the window.

    No, we do not dissuade you from this decor, because it is extremely beautiful. We just call for being objective, because there must be a measure in everything, so to speak, the “golden mean”. We will be happy to help you choose. And you will be satisfied.

    Windows with frame bars by Plamet are high-quality and beautiful.

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