Sliding windows

Sliding windows have become very popular. And this is understandable. They look stylish and help to use space rationally. When opened, the opening part covers the part that does not open, which is very practical, especially for small rooms.

We make sliding windows with Maso SKB-S fittings. This is an inclined and sliding system.

Sliding windows Kyiv

Advantages of such opening:

  • tight closing of a sash, as in a normal opening
  • has a ventilation mode
  • has a high noise insulation
  • energy efficient as well as ordinary windows
  • does not limit living space
  • easy to use and very convenient
Sliding windows Cherkasy

Our installed sliding windows

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    Can be made in two versions

    1. Windows made of window profile and with a one-sided handle inside.
    2. Doors with a door sash and a double-sided handle.

    In which premises sliding windows are designed and installed:

    Sliding windows in Kyiv are especially popular for installation in cottages on terraces, conservatories, as interior partitions. Also, they often installed on balconies for more efficient use of free space. They will be appropriate in office space for zoning.

    Recommended sizes for sliding windows

    In order for sliding windows to serve you for a long time and not cause trouble, we recommend following these rules:

    • The total area of ​​the product should not exceed 7.5 sq.m. in white color, and 5.5 sq.m. in other colors
    • The width of the sliding part should not be more than 1,300 mm
    • The height of the product should not be more than 2,500 mm
    • For greater rigidity of the structure, we recommend dividing large sizes with imposts – these are internal partitions. Thanks to them, you can create a unique design, add rigidity and reduce the load on the profile.

    Sliding windows are very easy to use and easy to care for, so they will bring you only pleasure.

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