Non-standard windows

What windows are considered non-standard:

Arched windows

Such a window has a bottom of normal rectangular shape, and a semicircle at the top. You can often see such windows in historic buildings and spiritual temples, but they can be made in new private houses, giving a building a special charm. Connoisseurs of classic style will like such windows.

Non-standard windows Kyiv

Trapezoids and triangles

Such windows look very interesting and emphasize the individual style of the building. Most often found in the attics of cottages, under the slope of the roof. Today, architecture is evolving rapidly and many talented architects are creating new buildings using a variety of geometric shapes.

Non-standard windows Cherkasy
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    Round windows

    Round windows are not as common as the previous two versions, but they still exist. They differ only in diameter: larger or smaller. In their technological essence, these are two arches that are welded together. Additionally, they are decorated with decorative frame bars or decorative glass.

    Rectangular windows with bent and oblique imposts

    Large windows have partitions that can be not only straight, but also bent or oblique. They create a pattern that gives features to a particular window or door. If you use this technique for glazing a large area, you can create a unique masterpiece.

    What is important to know about non-standard windows

    All non-standard windows are made individually in a special shop for non-standard products. There is no production conveyor line. There is an individual approach to each window. This can be compared to manual labor. Professionals work on every detail.

    Non-standard windows must be approached responsibly from the moment of design and measurement to installation. There are many limitations to consider. Therefore, it is better to contact our qualified specialists who will advise you.

    Every house, as well as every person, is individual. Its appearance depends on small details thought out during the design process. Windows in this process occupy a very important niche. After all, windows are the eyes of your home. Non-standard windows are used to give the house a special charm.

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