Bedroom windows

Bedroom is the main room in an apartment or house. After all, this is a place for recovery, a place to have rest, to gain strength. When choosing windows to the bedroom, it is necessary to preserve the cozy atmosphere of this room and take into account maximum comfort.

The main criterion for bedroom windows is their sound insulation!!!

Especially if the windows overlook the roadway, or a noisy courtyard. To get the maximum performance, be sure to choose a double-glazed window with two chambers. You can also choose a double-glazed window with 6 mm glass, and additionally fill the chambers with inert gas – this will further strengthen this indicator.

Bedroom windows Kiev

Another equally important indicator for a bedroom window is heat saving. Here we recommend choosing a thickened profile system of at least 70 mm of mounting width. Our product range includes Open Teck Elit, WDS 6S, WDS 8S, and Kommerling 70 ST Plus profiles. You can install the widest possible double-glazed windows in such profile systems.

It is important that the double-glazed windows are functional. For example, with energy-saving glass that will keep you warm in the bedroom, or multifunctional glass – its properties retain heat and additionally protect you from the sun if the windows face the sunny side.

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    In order for the window to have a full and finished appearance it is completed with the following accessories:

    • Mosquito nets so that no insects or fluff interfere with your rest.
    • A window sill that is a perfect addition to the window and bedroom interior. We have matte and glossy window sills in our assortment from low-cost to premium class products.
    • Blinds or roller blinds that will emphasize your individuality.

    Do not forget about the microclimate in the bedroom. To do this, you need to choose high-quality accessories from proven manufacturers that have a guarantee, and will serve flawlessly for many years. Make sure that the bedroom window has a micro-ventilation mode, this mode will not give drafts, but will allow you to create air exchange in the room.  We have accessories from the Austrian manufacturer Maco, or from the Ukrainian brand Axor.

    Use these tips when choosing a bedroom window, and you will see how well-chosen windows can make life easier.

    Order windows from Plamet and enjoy relaxing in your bedroom.


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