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Windows for apartments by Plamet

It is a high time to replace wooden windows with new plastic ones!

Choosing windows is not so easy. There are so many questions, so many new words, such as profile, fittings, glass units. The head is spinning with a variety of information.


We will help you.

Windows for apartments Kyiv

So how to choose a proper window for an apartment?

If you plan to replace the windows in the apartment, then answer the following questions:

Will I change one window or several at once?

Usually installation of one window is more expensive than several. Additionally, due to the number you can get a bigger discount and buy windows cheaper. The installation work will take more time, but you will have to clean only once.

What problem do I want to solve by replacing old windows with new ones?

For example, I want it to be warmer, or maybe quieter, or both. Then our specialist will help you to select windows that suit exactly you. In our range there are many options of windows of different shapes and configurations. There are wide systems of 82 mm mounting width, there are narrower of 60 mm width with different one-chamber or two-chamber glass.

Windows for apartments Cherkasy

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    A window of what color do I want?

    The Plamet company offers not only white windows, but also lamination with effect of wood, windows of anthracite, black color, etc. The window can be colorful on one side, or on two, there is also a bicolor option (when, for example, exterior color is dark oak, and interior –  golden oak), ideal for those who cannot change the facade of the house, but such color does not suit the interior design of the apartment.

    Do I plan to change the window with ledges and sills?

    The range of components for windows is huge, from cheap to expensive, so the cost of the whole window will depend on your choice. You can get acquainted with the variety in our section “Components” (можна посилання вставити)

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