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The kitchen is a special room in the house or apartment. In the kitchen in the process of cooking the most excess moisture is created. Therefore, when choosing windows for kitchen, you should think on how to ventilate this moisture, so that in the future this moisture does not fall on the windows in the form of condensation, in simple words, so that plastic windows do not sweat.

At the time of choosing a window, pay attention to the fittings. It is important that a window can be opened and has ventilation and micro-ventilation mode. Many people underestimate this feature; however, it is very useful. In a micro-ventilation mode, a window is opened for 3-5 mm that does not create draughts, and excess moisture leaves outside thus the normal microclimate indoors is created.

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Recommendation from Plamet:

You can order kitchen windows made of such profile systems as OpenTeck, WDS and KBE. All the stated profile systems are suitable for kitchen glazing. They have proven their quality many times and we are convinced that they will be the decoration of your home.

Additionally, we recommend paying attention to such an accessory to a kitchen window as a window sill. It is possible to order window sills with a heat-resistant covering for kitchen, after all in this case it is possible to use it functionally.

Metal-plastic windows for kitchen are very easy to use. There is no need to paint them, they are easy to wash, especially from grease.

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    Don’t forget to order a mosquito net so that various insects and dust or down do not get into the room and do not interfere with a cooking process.

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