Windows for a children’s room

Windows for a children’s room by Plamet

Probably everyone feels mega responsibility when it comes to children.

And with the choice of windows for a children’s room

What is the most important?

Choose a profile system.

Currently, all profile systems are certified and have epidemiological conclusions. In other words, all Plamet windows meet the criteria for glazing a child’s room. Therefore, it is not necessary to worry about toxicity of a profile. Lead is present in most profile systems, but its percentage is so negligible that it is higher in ordinary table crystal. However, there is also a profile system in our range made according to GreenLine technology, this is a KVE profile with a lead-free formulation. Therefore, we have an option for everyone.

Windows for a children's room Kyiv

What to consider when choosing fittings.

When buying a window for a child’s room, be sure to pay attention to safety. To prevent an accident, you need to keep in mind that kids can open windows by themselves and therefore to order additionally children’s locks or a handle with a key. After all, the safety of children is paramount.

Regarding a glass unit.

Children are very active and always looking for different games, so it is recommended to install glass unit with triplex glass or tempered glass. In the case of breaking a triplex glass will not fall apart due to the film that holds the glass, and tempered glass if broken, then into small, not sharp pieces, which minimizes injuries.

Order windows for a children’s room by Plamet and our managers will take care of the proper fittings of a window.

Windows for a children's room Cherkasy

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    Children are our support and future, so remember this when choosing a window for a child’s room.

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