Windows for a country house

Windows for a country cottage, what to choose?

Almost all of us asked this question. Where to find this inexpensive and high-quality option. We have an answer!!! The manufacturer of windows and doors Plamet will help you solve this difficult task.

Let’s consider some options for glazing of country houses:

Country house for summer vacation.

If you visit a country house only in summer, and the issue of energy saving in winter is not relevant for you, pay attention to windows made from the profile of Ukrainian brands and one-chamber glass unit. This is an option for those who look for cheap and high-quality windows.

Windows for a country house Kyiv

Country house all year round

If you spend a lot of time and almost live in a country house, you need to be sure that you feel comfortable there after replacing the windows in winter as well. In this case, we recommend considering windows for a country house by Plamet with two-chamber glass units and energy saving function. And the profile system can be both from the Ukrainian brand, and from German, it depends exclusively on your taste.


If you make a focus on heat conservation, choose the option of windows with a wide profile, not less than 70 mm. In this case, you will keep the heat in the house and save on heating.

Windows for a country house Cherkasy

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    Special windows for a country house

    Emphasize the individuality of your country house with the help of windows by Plamet not of white color, but laminated with effect of wood, with decorative glass, such as mirrored glass or glass units with frame bars.

    Do not forget about decorative furnish of a window aperture by window drip strips, mosquito nets, sills, trims, blinds or roller blinds, protective roller shutters. We have all this for sale.

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