Windows for cottages

Building a cottage is a very time-consuming process, because you want to take into account all the wishes for a comfortable stay. When choosing windows, it is important not to save, so as not to get a “cat in a bag”.

Modern cottages are built of energy-efficient materials for maximum heat retention in winter, which in turn ensures significant savings on heating.

Windows for cottages Kyiv

Our recommendations for choosing windows for the cottage are following:


When considering the window options remember that a mounting width of a profile should be not less than 70 mm. The wider the better, but 70 mm is the minimum required. We recommend to consider windows made from the WDS 8s profile. The biggest advantage of this profile is that it is as warm as possible and has three sealing contours with the possibility of installing the widest possible 44 mm glass unit.

Glass unit

It’s no secret that the largest part of the window is glass. Therefore, the choice of glass should be approached with special care. You can choose glass unit with functional glass, such as energy-saving or solar glass (this is 2 in 1 glass, sun protection and energy-saving). Learn the details at: Посилання на розділ про склопакети

Windows for cottages Cherkasy

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    One of the window components on which you should never save. It is the fittings that determine how easily the window will open and that a sash will not sag. MASO fittings is our constant partner. We are proud to say that this is the best fittings on the window market.

    Prices for windows for a cottage can be different, depending on

    • window color (white or laminated)
    • window shape (ordinary rectangular or non-standard arches, trapezoids, triangles)
    • fittings (normal opening or sliding system, accordion)
    • dimensions (panoramic, stained glass windows)

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