Balcony block

Balcony block is a structure consisting of a window and doors connected by a mini-connector. In fact, these are two separate structures that can function separately, and together they form a balcony block.

You can order a balcony block by Plamet made with the use of different profile systems from our assortment. The most important criterion when choosing a balcony block that needs to be considered is if a balcony is glazed or not. After all, a balcony block performs a dividing function between residential and non-residential premises. If a balcony is glazed, a single-chamber glass unit is enough, but if there is a question about additional sound insulation, then it is appropriate to order a two-chamber glass unit. A balcony door can be filled completely with glass, or partially with a sandwich panel, from below up to the level of the window. A sandwich panel has the same thermal insulation characteristics as a glass unit, but its sound insulation is slightly weaker.

Balcony block Kyiv

What are the types of balcony blocks:

  • The first variety is an opening door (pivot or tilt-and-turn) and a blind window (a non-opening window). The simplest and most budgetary option for a balcony block. The door can be used for opening and for ventilation, and a blind window makes it possible to save on fittings, because such a window is much cheaper than an opening one.
  • The second option is an opening door and an opening window. It is especially important for rooms in which the balcony is not glazed, and ventilation through the door causes serious draught. This option is a little bit more expensive than the previous one due to additional costs for the profile and fittings.
  • The third balcony block, where a door and a window have the same height, is called “French glazing”. Such a balcony block has a modern design, provides maximum penetration of daylight and fits perfectly into different interiors.
  • The fourth one is not very popular, however, it exists – a balcony block “Cheburashka“. People call it so, because it consists of a door and two windows on the sides. Again, the cost of such glazing will depend on whether the windows are opening or blind.
Balcony block Cherkasy

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    When choosing a balcony block, you need to pay attention to:

    • profile system (OpenTeck, WDS, Kommerling)
    • glass (one chamber, two chamber)
    • fittings (Maso, Axor)
    • accessories (window sills, ebbs)

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