About company Plamet

PLAMET started as a small dealer organization selling to customers high-quality metal and plastic windows and metal doors from other manufacturers operating in the window market.

Over time, management has decided to take a course for development. We visited several European productions in Germany, Austria and Poland. Later, we got a clear understanding of the need to create our own modern production in Ukraine in the city of Cherkasy.

We have created our own company for the production of metal and plastic windows and metal doors using the experience of European window companies, focusing on innovative technologies, modern equipment, quality raw materials, quality control, comprehensive service for partners and end consumers.

About company Plamet

Our most important trump card is our qualified employees who are professionals, who strive for development and improvement for the comfort of our customers.

In practice, it became clear that the direction was chosen accurately and correctly.

After all, we not only provide our customers and partners with a decent product, we also surround you with an atmosphere of comfort, give a sense of security and confidence. We care about the comfort of your living space.

About company Plamet

Mission and goals

We produce only quality products and provide comprehensive service.

We try to give your home a comfort and a warm atmosphere.

We see our task in creating an exceptionally comfortable space around you – for life, work, partnership and success.


Establishment of a company focused on working in the window business in Cherkasy.
Successful work in this field, as a dealer.
Beginning of work on creation of own sub-dealer network, and organization of deliveries across the Cherkasy region.
Continuation of the sub-dealer network expansion.
Usage of anti-crisis program to minimize losses.
Return to normal work after the crisis. Market research and analysis of work to create own production.
Creation of own production, purchase of the first window line. Successful partnership with more than 60 partners and managers of their salons.
Expansion of the enterprise and installation of modern equipment. Start making metal doors.
The quality of our products was appreciated by more than 200 partners.
Mutually beneficial cooperation with more than 250 partners. Deployment of production in the new territory. Installation of two more lines for the assembly of PVC structures based on KVE and OpenTeck profile systems.
Installation of additional Italian equipment for the manufacture of glass units and increase in production capacity. Expansion of the range of TM Trocal and WDS profile systems. Successful partnership with 280 companies.
Establishment of a joint Ukrainian-Polish corporation PLAMET. Installation of new additional equipment for the manufacture of "warm" glass with argon (Ar). Cooperation with 320 partners.
Introduction of a new innovative sales department and a new management approach.
Expansion of the dealer network and consolidation of existing market positions.
Actively began to study new technologies and work on a development plan. Introduction of internal training for employees. Creating a corporate culture Plamet.
Rebranding from a Ukrainian-Polish company to PLAMET - a window and door company, positioning ourselves as a Ukrainian manufacturer.
Opening of a new retail store in Cherkasy. Cooperation with the largest construction companies in Cherkasy.
Opening of a brand salon in Kyiv. Expansion of the dealer network in Kyiv region. Development of B2C retail direction. Cooperation with developers in Kyiv. Start of construction of a new, even more powerful plant.
Start of cooperation with the Epicenter and Nova Liniya hypermarket chains, sale of our products through their chains of stores. Purchased a new production line for aluminum processing.


Our production is located in Cherkasy and covers an area of ​​more than 3000 m2.

Production capacity is more than 700 windows per shift – 23,000 m2 per month, as well as more than 300 metal doors per month.

3 main lines for the manufacture of plastic windows constantly works for the manufacture of structures.

Execution of orders for the manufacture of structures using white PVC takes 4 working days, using colored PVC – 10 working days.

Our production is improving and expanding every year, in addition, we are constantly updating equipment and improving technology.

One of the most important components in creating only high-quality products is to meet world European standards. We always follow the trends of our industry, and respond to all changes to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

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