Glazing of balconies and loggias

Why do we need to glaze balconies?

Every homeowner wants to get the most out of their home, so sooner or later we face a need to glaze a balcony. The advantages of a glazed balcony are protection from rain and wind, dirt, as well as providing sound insulation from annoying street noise.

Another advantage of balcony glazing is the ability to increase the living space, where instead of a balcony you can organize a study, work area, or use a design solution and extend a kitchen. Enumerating the advantages of a glazed balcony and window block, we can conclude that in modern conditions, the glazing of a balcony has become a necessity.

Glazing of balconies and loggias Kyiv

What is the process of a balcony or loggia glazing?

  • Apply to the Plamet specialists for measuring a balcony or loggia.
  • The master of measurement inspects the location of the future balcony or loggia, makes an accurate measurement of dimensions, specifies in detail all the wishes of the owner. Advise on various issues related to the technical aspects of installation.
  • The measurements are sent to the office, where the cost of a balcony or loggia glazing is calculated according to the exact individual dimensions.
  • After the construction of the structures, on the agreed date and time, the installation masters of Plamet perform high-quality installation of balcony or loggia glazing, which takes an average of 3-4 hours.
  • After installation, you will be able to enjoy spending time on your balcony (loggia) at any time of year.
Glazing of balconies and loggias Cherkasy
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    Advantages of a balcony or loggia glazing by Plamet

    A glazed balcony is a solution for decades, and the organization of glazing will be taken over by the window manufacturer Plamet.

    We will help you to resolve the following issues:

    • You want to save on heating consumption, and provide additional heat retention in the house;
    • Glazing from the developer does not perform its functions, does not retain enough heat and does not protect against noise;
    • You need to keep personal belongings intact and away from prying eyes;
    • You wish to drink coffee in winter while enjoying the views from your balcony;
    • You want to increase the living space in your apartment.

    And most importantly, we will make sure that it does not cost you a pretty penny.

    What is the difference between hot and cold glazing?

    Each of the options will provide the owner with protection from wind and dust and ability to store things, but in terms of warmth and comfort of the house, the owner should consider which option is more suitable.

    Cold version of the balcony glazing.

    This option is for you if you need protection from rain and wind, and do not plan to join a balcony with a living space of a room. This option will not provide heat on the balcony in winter, but will ensure the use of the balcony for domestic purposes, such as kitchen glazing.
    For this format we offer a 60 mm profile in a combination with a one-chamber glazing and practical fittings, which will make the cost as affordable as possible for the customer.

    Warm version of the balcony glazing.

    It will provide heat even in severe frosts, so this version of the glazing is suitable for a recreation area or office, for example, and a warm version of the glazing will provide sound insulation. Glazing of this format involves the use of 70 mm profile with 2-chamber glazing with the use of energy saving and fittings of the highest quality.

    Also, warm glazing provides warming of walls, floors, a variant of an external covering with thermal insulation is possible.

    What information is important to know to calculate the preliminary cost of the balcony (loggia) glazing?

    First of all, we need to know the shape and the size of the balcony. As a rule, the most common are the following:

    1. Loggia only the front part;
    2. L-shaped balcony glazing of the front and one side;
    3. U-shaped balcony provides glazing of the front and two side;
    4. Bay window connection of designs not at an angle of 90 degrees, so to speak radial glazing;
    5. French balcony a variant of glazing with a cut of old railings, which are replaced by sliding window sections from floor to ceiling.

    Configuration of the balcony is also of high importance:

    1. Division into how many sections is planned;
    2. How many parts should be opening;
    3. Need for additional expanders (used to raise the floor level, lower the ceiling level, cut into the insulation).
    4. What additional elements will be installed together with the balcony frames, such as window sills, canopies, window ledges, weather bars, etc.

    The choice of components plays a significant role in making an order.

    It is necessary to decide whether you are considering a warm or cold glazing option, or maybe you have a sunny side and want additional protection from the sun, and perhaps for the design it is better to choose blackout glass and color profile.

    Of course, Plamet managers will provide detailed advice and choose the best option for you.

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