Turnkey Balconies

Balconies are different, in shape, size, in their condition (they can be in a new building or in an old housing stock, and not in very good condition, even in catastrophic). To make your balcony perfect, we offer you our service Turnkey Balconies.

All of us have our own vision of how a balcony should look like, and what functional significance it should have. Someone joins a balcony with a room, for someone it is a recreation room, for another an office, someone keeps household tools there, for someone it is a greenhouse. As we can see, there are many options for how you can use this premise. This will determine how your balcony should be glazed.

No matter what idea you have, we will bring it to life!!!

Turnkey Balconies Kyiv

Turnkey Balconies is a complex work performed by one contractor in our person. You do not need to look for separate teams that perform certain works, we will do everything for you. You will be insured against such troubles as uncoordinated actions, incomprehensible rise in price, failure to meet deadlines, passing the responsibility from one team to another. You only need to call. And you are guaranteed to receive a complex of works performed by professionals in their field.

The price has always been one of the most important points. We offer different options for the implementation of a “turnkey balcony”, so there is a suitable option for any budget. We strive for an ideal price/quality ratio. Therefore, do not hesitate and call us right now and order a master for measuring.

Turnkey Balconies Cherkasy

Our works of Turnkey Balconies

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    Decoration of the balcony outside and inside

    The illustration shows how the complete decoration of the balcony “turnkey” takes place inside and outside:

    Decoration of the balcony outside and inside

    What types of work does the Turnkey Balconies service include

    1. Consultation and measurements
      The most important stage. First of all, we need to assess the condition of a balcony and the possibility of carrying out certain works. Take preliminary measurements in order to calculate the budget for arranging a balcony as exactly as possible. Decide on finishing materials.
    2. Purchase of material
      We can buy everything for you. You only need to tell us what you want. We will take on all the tasks.
    3. Production of balcony frames
      We produce a balcony frame according to the dimensions and pre-agreed configuration.
    4. Welding works
      If a balcony is planned with the extension or reinforcement of the slab, or if you need to make a frame for paneling or a roof, welding work is first performed.
    5. External paneling and insulation
      Most often, siding or corrugated board is used for these works.
    6. Internal finishing works
      For walls the following materials can be used: plastic or wooden lining, MDF, and drywall is also chosen.
      For the floor: laminate, tile, linoleum.
    7. Electrical works
      At the request of the client, we provide lighting and sockets.

    Get acquainted with the types of works and their estimated cost

    Basic installation of metal-plastic frames From UAH 400 per sq.m.
    Welding From UAH 800 per l.m.
    Balcony reinforcement From UAH 400 per l.m.
    Roof welding with roofing work From UAH 2,800 per l.m.
    Exterior paneling (plastic lining, siding) From UAH 800 per sq.m.
    Internal paneling (plastic lining, wooden lining, drywall + foam plastic) From UAH 550 per sq.m.
    OSB floor without coating From UAH 800 per sq.m.
    OSB floor with coating (laminate, linoleum, plinth) From UAH 1,300 per sq.m.
    Material delivery From UAH 450
    Slopes (plaster, drywall, sandwich panels) From UAH 400 per l.m.
    Ceiling (plastic, wooden lining, OSB) From UAH 600 per sq.m.
    Dismantling From UAH 150 per sq.m.

    So, don’t delay Turnkey Balconies

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