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In the hectic pace of life, everyone wants to find their own area of ​​relaxation and rest, so the panoramic windows will not leave anyone indifferent. Sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee, owners of French balconies have the opportunity to watch the lights of your favorite city, fully enjoy the scenery – this is the main advantage of the decision to decorate a balcony with French glazing.

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What is a French balcony?

French balcony – is an architectural term, which means a glazing with floor-to-ceiling windows. Such windows can be white or laminated, with ordinary glass or tinted. Plamet can offer a variety of design solutions for a French balcony glazing for every taste.

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    What problems can be solved with French glazing?

    • First of all the owner of French glazing will enjoy daylight, which will also help reduce electricity consumption.
    • By choosing this option for decorating a balcony, you can visually increase the area of your home.
    • Another advantage is the minimization of additional decorating work on the balcony. Panorama will solve many design ideas.
    • French balconies are in line with world fashion trends in home decoration, so the homeowner after installation will have an even more refined and modern exterior and interior of the house.
    • The ability to save in the future due to the lack of need for additional insulation, which will be required in case of standard glazing.

    What you should pay attention to in order to make a weighted decision to install a French balcony

    • a French balcony does not provide for the installation of window sills, so it is worth considering whether the owner is ready to be left without such an advantage.
    • Washing glass in French glazing takes more time, because the area of ​​glazing is larger.
    • If your balcony is on the sunny side, it is advisable to install multifunctional glass for additional protection against heating of the glass in summer, and protection of the room from heat.
    • French glazing involves an additional load on the plate, so it is advisable to call a specialist who will objectively inspect the room and make a conclusion on the possibility of installation and whether it may be necessary to further strengthen the plate.

    Today, a French balcony is the most popular type of glazing. Because it is stylish, beautiful, modern, requires less finance and time.

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