Glass units

Plamet has its own glass unit line for the production of glass units. We guarantee exceptional quality of our own products and the best prices.

Let’s consider the most widespread glass units of our own production which are in the greatest demand

Glass units with ordinary glass

We make glass units from usual sheet glass, the M1 brand, glass thickness is 4 mm. This glass provides the least distortion, almost no defects associated with the structure.

How to distinguish between single-chamber and double-chamber glass units?

In professional terminology, the formula of glass unit is used, for example 4x16x4, where 4 (glass) x 16 (distance) x 4 (glass). That is, we have two glasses and one camera between them. Hence the name is one-chamber glass unit.

The formula of two-chamber glass unit is 4x10x4x10x4. Accordingly, we see three glasses of 4 mm, and two chambers between them, so we get two-chamber glass unit.

We recommend to use ordinary glass units for glazing of?

Glass units with ordinary glass (double-glazed windows)

  1. Balconies, Loggias;
  2. Balcony blocks, provided a glazed balcony;
  3. Industrial, commercial, non-residential premises;
  4. Houses, Cottages.

Glass units with ordinary glass are not recommended for residential premises, because condensation on them is very common (in simple words, glass units with ordinary glass mist more often than their analogues, which will be discussed below).

Energy saving glass units

If you have autonomous heating and want to save on heating, then we recommend you to consider energy-saving glass units.

To achieve maximum heat savings, we fill energy-saving glass units with inert gas argon (Ar). It should be noted that Ar is an inert gas, it does not harm human health. Thanks to it, the metal coating on the glass is not oxidized, which prolongs the life of such a coating.

The most common energy-saving glass is I-glass

This is glass to which an energy-saving coating is applied in a special chamber, mainly tin or silver metal ions. As a result, a transparent layer of metal spray is formed on the surface of the glass, which works on the principle of a mirror. Infrared radiation passing through the glass is reflected, and some of the heat is returned back to the room.

What are the advantages of energy-saving glass units?

Energy saving glass units

  • Heat losses of the room are reduced;
  • Savings on heating;
  • Minimal condensation;
  • Ideal microclimate in the house.

Today, energy-saving glass is a prerequisite (fixed by regulations) for the glazing of residential premises, government offices, educational institutions and so on. The price for energy-saving glass units remains affordable, and you get a functional double-glazed glass unit that really works to make you feel comfortable at any time of the year.

Multifunctional glass units

Let’s consider multifunctional glass Solar. This is a functional glass which on the properties reminds energy saving, and has even bigger indicators of energy saving and in addition sun protection. The technology of manufacturing such glass resembles energy-saving, but with more layers of metal ion spraying. Due to this, such glass has a slightly mirror effect. It completely transmits light, and does not distort colors. This double-glazed window not only retains heat in winter, it also protects from heat on hot summer days.

Consider the benefits of such glazing

Multifunctional glass units (double-glazed windows)

  • Protection of your home from heat;
  • Preservation of heat in winter;
  • Savings on heating;
  • Maximum transparency of glass.

Plamet is pleased to offer you windows that will make your life quieter, better, warmer.

It is better to use multifunctional glass units in?

  • Panoramic windows in houses and cottages;
  • Apartments, private houses where the windows face the sunny side.

The set of parameters described above allows using such windows wherever there is a need for increased levels of sun protection. These are real functional windows that not only protect from rain and wind, but also have functionality.

Glass units with triplex glass

If you need windows with anti-vandal glazing, you should consider glass units with triplex glass. This glass is made of several layers, glass + film + glass, which are glued together.

Glass units with triplex glass provide the maximum protection and safety!

 Advantages of glass units with triplex glass

Glass units with triplex glass

  • Completely eliminates the risk of injury from broken glass. Eventually, a “cobweb” appears on the glass, and the glass does not broke;
  • Your property will be securely protected, as our triplex windows are very difficult to break;
  • Very seriously increase the level of sound insulation.

Most often glass units with triplex glass are used for glazing of?

  1. Private cottages, houses;
  2. Glazing of apartments. This is especially appropriate for the first floors;
  3. Banking institutions;
  4. Shop windows;
  5. Jewelry salons, pawnshops, currency exchangers, where there is a risk of vandalism and burglary.

We call such windows the best sleeping pill, because after installing such windows you can sleep peacefully and not worry about your safety and your property!

Glass units with colored glass!

Their main feature is the use of tinted glass instead of the usual one. Can be both usual toned and mirror one. Plamet uses tinted glass in the manufacture of its glass units. This is a sheet glass, which in itself has a tint without applying films. Glass units with tinted glass will favorably emphasize the exterior and interior of the house, apartment. They will hide from intrusive looks, but only during the day. Because in the evening, when the lights are on in the room, the effect does not work.

In everything else, the design of the glass remains unchanged.

We offer a variety of colors, so we can easily help you choose the best option that best suits the architectural style of your home.

Tinted windows – the maximum of beauty!

Double-glazed windows with colored glass (tinted double-glazed windows)Glass units with tinted glass by Plamet are becoming very popular. We can create different variations of such glass units, both single-chamber and double-chamber. In most cases, one tinted glass in the glass unit is enough, but there can be several, depending on the wishes of the customer.

This format allows solving the problems of protection and decorative glazing, so to speak, 2in1.

Most often, glass units with tinted glass are ordered

  1. For arrangement of partitions in office premises;
  2. When glazing residential buildings and private houses;
  3. Glazing of modern shopping centers;
  4. Hotels and restaurants.

Tinted glass is an important solution not only for cars, as it can be used to provide:

  • Natural darkening of the room. Compared to conventional glass units, tinted glass units significantly reduce the percentage of light penetration into the room;
  • Implementation of protection from prying eyes. Often such glass units are chosen by banks, medical institutions. Privacy is created without additional accessories (curtains, blinds, etc.);
  • Design of the object in full accordance with the existing architectural project and design idea.

Yes, the cost of such glass is much higher than usual, but it is worth it if you need to darken the room, and implement your bold design ideas.

Choose what suits you, and we will help with implementation, offering an adequate cost and excellent quality.

Decorative glass units

Decorative glass unitsThe structure of decorative glass units includes frame bars, which create a visual effect of dividing the glass into separate sections.

These frame bars can be placed on the glass so as to create an original pattern or stained glass ornament to create an exclusive design.

The main advantage of decorative glass – a variety of shapes.

Decorative glass unit: why and how?

Decorative elements are a real salvation from monotony, as they help to make the window unique and give it individuality. Practice shows that such elements look great on all planes of glazing, they are perfect for both residential and commercial buildings.

TOP advantages of decorative glass units

Absolutely any glass units with the help of decorative overlays can turn into decorative. This transformation performed by the experienced masters gives a number of advantages:

  • Light transmission of the window is not lost;
  • You can emphasize the individual style of glazing, make the window exclusive. It is possible to give the effect of antiquity, which is actively used by restaurants and hotels;
  • Execution of decorative elements in different colors;
  • Excellent resistance to temperature fluctuations;

We will be happy to answer any of your questions and propose you stylish and affordable options.

Advantages of buying glass units by Plamet

  • Own production of glass units

We are direct manufacturers. That’s why we offer a good price.

Our own high-tech equipment is also an opportunity to make glass units of non-standard sizes and on special requests of customers.

  • 1-year warranty

At that the practical application and operation of glass units exceeds 20 years of service.

  • Finished products 100% comply with all DSTU standards

Right now you can clarify the cost and place an order in any way convenient for you and get a free professional consultation. Allow yourself truly worthy windows through which it is pleasant to look ahead and plan for the future.

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