Window sills

Window sills combine two functions: aesthetics and protection. It decorates the window structure inside the room, and protects the mounting seam. Window sills can be made of different materials and have a wide range of design possibilities.

Today, many people choose plastic window sills for the following reasons:

  • Large selection of colors and textures;
  • Ability to adjust to the specific size of the window opening;
  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • Long service life;
  • Do not absorb foreign odors;
  • Good appearance.

The range of plastic window sills by Plamet

Open Teck window sills

The Ukrainian OPEN TECK window sill is made taking into account all quality standards. These products are in great demand, as the manufacturer’s pricing policy allows for a minimum markup on goods, which affects the final value.

OPEN TECK window sills are a budget segment. Its main advantage is its cost, and the disadvantage is a wider surface, its pores are clogged with dirt.

Sauberg window sills

Sauberg window sills from the Ukrainian producer. These window sills, which belong to the low-price market segment, can be made matte and glossy. A characteristic feature of the Sauberg window sill is the rounded shape of the capino. This model is an improved version of the OpenTeck window sill, and has harder stiffening ribs and better coating.

Plastolit window sills

Plastolit window sills are made in Ukraine according to German technologies. They are very similar to Sauberg window sills, in fact they are the same production, but the main difference is that the Plastolit window sill has a thickened base, which allows it to withstand higher loads. They are also covered with a special Elesgo film that protects against scratches and extends the life of the window sill. Significantly expanded color range, which has matte and glossy window sills of different colors (white, marble, walnut, wenge, beige marble, golden oak …).

Danke Standard window sills

Danke Standart plastic window sills combine high quality, reliability and low cost. Window sills are a cheaper analogue of the premium segment model.

The main feature of the DankeStandart window sill is a glossy surface. DankeStandart window sills are covered with Elesgo film which is scratch-resistant. Advantages of the DankeStandart window sill:

  • Long service life;
  • Resistance to moisture and sunlight;
  • Strength, due to the unique design of the stiffeners

Danke window sills

Danke window sills combine aesthetics and high quality workmanship. This is a premium window sill. The window sill has an acrylic coating Elesgo – an environmentally friendly material with a high level of strength. Danke window sills are environmentally friendly, very durable, resistant to ultraviolet light, moisture, temperature changes, heat. Unusual line of color shades from classics to imitation of marble, wood. The only window sill on the Ukrainian market for which the manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty.

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