Mosquito nets

Harmful and not very harmful insects, spiders, poplar down and street dust are a small part of the troubles that a person faces when leaving a window open. However, we cannot do without fresh air. Fortunately, there are many inventions today that are meant to make our lives easier. One of them is mosquito nets.

Mosquito nets perform several important functions:

  • Help protect living spaces from insects;
  • Reduce the intensity of sunlight;
  • To some extent protect against dust;
  • Protect from cigarette butts, not very cultured neighbors.

Plamet offers a wide range of mosquito nets (of different color, size, mounting method, and function)

You can contact us in any convenient way – leave an application on the website, by phone, visit the branded salon. We will select the best option for you and advise on the technical characteristics and cost of mosquito nets.

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