Finishing materials for metal doors

Powder paint

Powder paint is one of the best coatings for metal door decoration today. Compared to traditional liquid paints, powder metal paint has technological advantages, which are the perfection of the end result, due to the even application of paint to the product, which perfectly fills all cracks and irregularities, creating a perfectly smooth surface.

Advantages of powder coating:

  • Strength and anticorrosive properties;
  •  Increase in the service life and operation of the product;
  •  Decorativeness, variety of colors and textures;
  •  Environmentally friendly technology;
  •  Single-layer application and fast hardening;
  • Ideal for coating metal products

MDF overlays

MDF is made of pressed sawdust, which is impregnated with wood resin. Thanks to the resin sawdust is glued and held together. Thus, a rather strong plate is obtained from fine sawdust and resin, to which the drawing is further applied and which can be covered with a decorative film of different colors and textures. They have soundproofing properties, and therefore maintain the comfort and tranquility of the homeowner. MDF is an environmentally friendly, safe material. That is, it can be safely used for front doors. Relatively inexpensive, such overlays will give a stylish and modern look to your room. You can get acquainted with a variety of MDF drawings and colors directly in our branded salons.

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