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Fittings are one of the key elements in the manufacture of plastic windows. When choosing windows, it should be given a lot of attention, on a par with the profile and glass units. Fittings directly affect the functionality of the entire structure, ease of opening, tightness, sealness. The service life of a window depends on it.

When choosing fittings, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • These products must meet international standards for this type of product;
  • The material from which the elements are made should be metal, except for the decor.
  • Fittings must be with high wear resistance, able to withstand a large number of repetitions and cycles;
  • Availability of additional protection against corrosion and environmental influences.

Five main features of fittings

Here are five parameters that distinguish Axor and Maco fittings from competing products:

  1. Service life – up to 15 years. This is the manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, based on experience, we can safely say that the fittings can last up to 30 years in intensive use. Evidence is provided by tests conducted by IFT Rosenheim (International Certification Institute) staff;
  2. Perfect protection against corrosion processes. Axor and Maco window fittings have a fifth class of corrosion protection, which guarantees long-lasting and reliable operation;
  3. Anti-burglary. Additional elements that can be used to complete window fittings will have a reliable degree of protection against unwanted guests. Depending on the safety class, different elements are used, such as fungal pins, appropriate straps, anti-burglary handle;
  4. Smooth running. Thanks to high-quality fittings and proper installation, opening and closing the window will become an easy and enjoyable action.

We offer to get acquainted in more detail with the technical characteristics of Axor and Maco fittings.

Axor window fittings

Window fittings Axor

Axor Komfort Line K-3 fittings by the Axor Industry company

One of the reliable mechanisms of the Ukrainian manufacturer at an affordable price, are fittings from the manufacturer Axor Industry. Despite the fact that it belongs to the budget segment, it can often be found on many metal-plastic products. The products fully comply with European standards, have all the necessary certificates confirming the quality of the products.

The head office and production are located in Dnipro, which began operations in 2010.

Numerous tests have shown that the fittings can withstand up to 25,000 opening cycles, i.e. 15 years of continuous use. In addition to high practical capabilities and functionality, these accessories are also affordable.

The main advantages of Axor KOMFORT LINE K-3

  • No noise when using;
  • Maximum warranty up to 10 years;
  • Possibility of anti-burglary complete set;
  • Swivel-hinged, swivel, wing, transom structures;
  • Smooth opening and closing;
  • The densest sash clamp;
  • Reinforced hinge group can withstand up to 130 kg.

In fact, there are even more benefits, you can get acquainted with them directly when using. All fittings are developed only taking into account human needs, as well as European standards. It has a relatively convenient and simple mounting mechanism.

By choosing a Ukrainian manufacturer, you get not only quality fittings, but also support a domestic manufacturer that produces fittings of European quality.

Maco window fittings

Window fittings Maco

MASO fittings are produced by a fitting company in Austria. The company was one of the first in Europe to receive high recognition and quality certificate DIN ISO 9001. High demand is provided by such indicators as modern technical solutions in production, high quality workmanship and stylish design. MACO fittings can be used in almost all types of metal-plastic products.

We suggest you pay attention to the MACO MULTI-MATIC model range. Today, they are considered an improved version of the fittings among those previously produced.

To create swivel-folding as well as classic swivel fittings, MACO manufacturers, represented by experienced designers and designers, have implemented a number of innovative solutions.

Every detail is thought out to the smallest detail, taking into account all the wishes of modern users.

Quality fittings are actively used in the installation of any window, guarantee complete safety, protection and functionality. They are strong, resistant to adverse environmental conditions. When creating these fittings, manufacturers take into account all the rules and requirements of European standards, offering only quality, durable and multifunctional products.

When choosing window constructions with such accessories, you can be sure that the products will last a long time and retain an attractive appearance.

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