How is the price of plastic windows from the manufacturer Plamet formed?

How is the price of plastic windows from the manufacturer Plamet formed?

What is  the secret of    Plamet’s success? It  is very simple: the pricing policy is as transparent as our double-glazed windows, and this is a principled position, so the decision was made  to write A whole article that will  clearly demonstrate how the  price of plastic windows is formed. Each window company has its own characteristics  of work, but always takes into account a whole complex of Let’s find out what  these components are and look at them with specific examples.

Simple mathematics: window price  by points

Of course, there are a few main points from which the total amount is formed.  These   are  such obvious points that  we take  them into account even before the exact calculation (we have a convenient calculator for calculating the cost, and it is presented here).  designs are influenced by such factors:

  1. Total glazing area.  It is logical that the  larger the dimensions, the higher the
  2. How premium is the profile
  3. Number of chambers in the double-glazed window.
  4. Delivery and its level of complexity, as it takes into account the address of the destination, as well as the nuances of the object, such as the floor,  the presence of an elevator and other aspects.
  5. The shape of the window construction, since non-standard creative forms are always more expensive due to the complexity of production.
  6. The number of opening flaps, since they need more materials, accessories.
  7. A set of additional options and services from Plamet!

This is the TOP-7 basic elements of  the “anatomy”  of the price, it depends on them how much you can buy a double-glazed window.  However, we are convinced that for a better understanding it   is  necessary to get acquainted with all the elements included in the concept of   “turnkey equipment from Plamet”!

The main elements of the  window and their cost

All PVC  products have a set of basic elements.  This is a kind of constructor:

  • The profile itself. Its share in the total cost is about 40%, which can be called the “lion’s share”!  This is logical, since   a lot depends on  its quality: the strength of the  structure, wear resistance, noise and heat insulation.
  • One or another type of double-glazed window.  Another “lion’s share”, so the  price of double-glazed windows  is  about 40% of the total figure.
  • A set of fittings.  Approximately 10% of the cost, taking into account the coordinated work of mechanisms, functionality and strength of materials.  A huge plus is anti-corrosion protection, which also affects the size of the  price tag.
  • Seals.  As a rule, such details do not have a huge impact on the overall price of the  block.
  • Window sills.  Here everything is very individual, since the  cost will be calculated by Plamet specialists, taking into account the personal characteristics  of a single opening, the type of  material, length and width.
  • Canopies with tides at the request of the client.
  • If the   situation requires it  – slopes, since they do not have to  be  made by technology immediately when you decide to order a plastic window.

Each item on this list has its own set of characteristics.  Some are mandatory, some are not so much.  They can provide functionality, a level of  comfort, determining the price of the window unit as a whole.

Additional pricing factors

There are a number of additional factors that can affect the final budget:

  1. Careful delivery.
  2. Installation services from a professional team (this is crucial, since poor-quality work can “ruin” even the most premium window).
  3. Provision of a package of guarantees.

We, as a decent company,  lay these parameters in the total cost of the  window, so that the buyer  has  all  the guarantees and confidence that there  will be no need to overpay for some services, when  The cost of a plastic window remains democratic, one of the most profitable in the region!  We remind you that you can calculate the cost of the  future window using our calculator.  It’s completely free!

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