The formula of double-glazed windows

The formula of double-glazed windows

Each double-glazed window has an individual formula, which contains the following information about the finished product:

  • thickness of the outer glass;
  • width of the remote frame;
  • the size and thickness of the inner glass (in double-glazed windows, similar dimensions are calculated for each chamber separately);
  • an indication of the presence or absence of argon;
  • the material from which the double-glazed window is made;
  • use of special glass.

For example, 4i-14Ar-4-14Ar-4i is a two-chamber double-glazed window formula with two energy-efficient glasses filled with argon, where:

  • 4 is the thickness of the glass in millimeters (in total, there are three glasses in a two-chamber double-glazed window, and two in a single-chamber one).
  • i – energy-efficient layer (in order for the window to comply with the regulatory energy efficiency indicators for the climate zone, two layers of “energy” are needed – one on the inner and on the outer glass).
  • 14 is the distance between the glasses in millimeters. If we compare windows that differ only in the width of the chambers in the double-glazed window, then a window with a smaller gas layer in the double-glazed window insulates much worse.
  • Ar – filling the chambers of the double-glazed window with argon (this is an inert gas, which, in combination with i-glass, improves the energy efficiency of the window).


  • i-glasses are designed to provide effective reflection of heat waves from the surface of the glass unit.
  • k-glasses are distinguished by the presence of a special solid spray designed to protect against infrared rays coming through such glass.

The double-glazed window must comply with the following standards:

  • The thickness of the glass is not less than 36 millimeters.
  • The size can not exceed 3.2 x 3 m. If it is larger or smaller, then the installation is carried out according to special standards, as well as the manufacture of the entire structure.
  • The double-glazed window is able to withstand a large temperature difference, so its installation is possible in any climatic zone.

Thus, knowing all the elements of the double-glazed window formula, you can choose its best quality and price!

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