PVC entrance doors

The door is one of the main attributes of the house, an important component of the interior and exterior, because the door is the first to take the touch and gaze of the visitor. A door is the element that makes the first impression, so the choice of a door should be taken seriously.

Today, metal-plastic entrance doors have become a popular alternative to metal doors. Practicality and conciseness of plastic doors allow installing them as front doors in homes, educational and medical institutions, banks and restaurants, and other organizations. Metal and plastic entrance doors are also widely used in offices, rooms of the general use, terraces, entrances of houses.

Features of entrance metal and plastic doors by Plamet

Entrance metal and plastic doors have high strength and durability. Due to their versatility, metal and plastic entrance doors are suitable for shops and office buildings, as well as for private houses. Plamet manufactures entrance doors with the use of WDS and OpenTeck profiles.

Entrance doors are designed for frequent opening and long service, so Plamet uses technologies that will ensure long-term use. The production uses a profile for the entrance group of doors, closed reinforced metal profile, which makes an entrance door by the Plamet company as strong as possible. An important component of a door is the elements of the entrance fittings, such as hinges and locks, which can guarantee long service life. We offer hinges from Turkey, Italy and Germany, so this will allow the owner to choose from basic to premium quality and price. The manufacturer of windows and doors Plamet offers locks made by domestic, Turkish or Austrian manufacturers, there are also single-point and rail lock with 5 locking points. Such locks are easy and practical in use, durable and provide reliable protection against burglary.

The Plamet range allows implementing an infinite number of the boldest design ideas for your doors. They can be in the classic version of white, as well as shades of brown, such as:

  • Walnut;
  • Golden oak;
  • Dark oak;
  • Mahogany;
  • Anthracite color with a texture of wood or aluminum.

Another type of decoration is the choice of glass unit with clear or frosted glass, as well as the options with bronze and graphite tinted glass, and to provide protection from bright light and unnecessary views during the day – colored mirror tinting.

Perhaps the owner of the future door is considering the option of non-glass doors, so Plamet has a wide range of sandwich panels of any color.

For fans of exclusivity, we can offer HPL panels with carving, there are more than 50 options of different colors to different tastes.

One of the most noticeable details of entrance doors is the door handle, so we can offer the customer different variants of the office or push handle from various manufacturers. Also, at the customer’s request, we can equip the door with a closer to ensure automatic closing of the door.

Entrance doors and heat retention

An important factor in choosing a metal and plastic door is the preservation of heat in the room. Plamet doors fully cope with this task. To save energy, you can install energy-saving or multifunctional glass. Also, one of the factors for heat retention is the chosen door sill, which will ensure the inaccessibility of cold from outside. The manufacturer Plamet has a door sill with a thermal bridge height of 24 mm, a conventional aluminum door sill with a height of 24 mm, as well as a door sill- frame, which provides the best clamp for the front door.

Buying metal and plastic entrance doors by the Plamet company you will be convinced of

  • Strength and durability of the structure as a whole;
  • Preservation of heat in the room;
  • Highly-qualified assembly crew;
  • Preserving the appearance of the door;
  • Aesthetics and conciseness of decorating the front door.

Advantages of metal and plastic entrance doors

Entrance metal and plastic doors are a real find for those who are looking for high quality. In such designs there are many advantages which are rightly estimated by our customers:

  • Democratic price. For example, metal doors are more expensive;
  • Ease of care. Thanks to the smooth surface of the plastic door, which is resistant to dirt, front doors are easy to clean using ordinary soap solution. They do not require special care;
  • Durability of operation. They do not deform, do not turn yellow, do not crack. We provide all the guarantees that allow you to be sure that your door is for a long time;
  • High tightness. Doors perfectly keep heat, protect from draughts;
  • Excellent sound insulation;
  • A set of quality components (hinges, locks, handles);
  • Stylish design. We can create any front door of any shape, color, size, texture. If necessary, we will add a mirror, stained glass and other interesting elements.

At the same time, all doors look aesthetically pleasing, are functional, fit any facade, and we guarantee that they will serve for a long time and will not lose their original characteristics.

The benefits of metal and plastic front doors are available to everyone.

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Examples of installed PVC entrance doors

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