PVC interior doors

Interior doors are an important component of the room interior, because they take part in providing warmth, comfort and protection from noise. The main task of interior doors is to ensure the separation of one room from another with the provision of sound insulation and completeness of the room exposition. Metal and plastic interior doors are a universal and optimal option in the interior door line. Interior doors have a number of advantages.

Advantages of interior metal and plastic doors by the Plamet company

  • Suitable for any type of premises, such as hospitals, offices, schools and private houses;
  • Easy to care. Demand no special care, are easy to clear of dirt;
  • Lamination of a profile allows to forget about the door painting, we can make doors of any from a wide range of colors, so you can easily pick up a color that matches your room interior design;
  • Metal and plastic interior doors perfectly cope with protection against noise from adjacent rooms;
  • Affordable cost of the metal and plastic doors will allow you to enjoy the benefits of PVC doors;
  • Resistance to high humidity. Plamet interior doors are made entirely of components that are not afraid of moisture;
  • Wide variety of designs. The door can be made entirely of glass: clear, frosted or tinted. Also, if you need opaque doors, we use a sandwich panel of the color matching the selected profile. One of the design solutions can be beveled, bent imposts.

Varieties of interior metal and plastic doors by the Plamet company

We made several options of interior doors from metal and plastic:

Window profile

The frame and sash from the window line of profiles are used. Such doors are completed with window hinges (in the standard one there are 2 pieces, and if desired, there can be even 4 pieces), the lock with 25 backset (one point or rail lock), and a pressure set. Thanks to this configuration, you can significantly reduce the cost of the finished product. Ideal for budget interior doors.

92 mm door sash

This is an intermediate profile between a full-fledged door group (116 mm) and a window. What are such doors equipped with? Lock with 25 backset (one point or rail lock), and pressure set, but with the use of surface-mounted hinges, such as for the entrance group. This option is more expensive than window, and has its advantages. Such doors are more reliable and have fewer restrictions on the size of manufacture.

It is important to understand that both options have a lock and a double-sided handle! One of the important components of metal and plastic interior doors is quality fittings (handles, locks and hinges) that will ensure simplicity and durability of the door use.

Basic rules of quality doors by Plamet

  • Quality consultation and selection of the necessary equipment;
  • Accurate measurement by our qualified measurement masters;
  • Quality materials and components;
  • Manufacturing in compliance with all regulations;
  • Professional installation by Plamet specialists.

You can order any interior doors by wholesale and at retail. We provide “turnkey” service, perform a full range of work.

Interior doors by the manufacturer Plamet are a very popular solution on the market, which can be called 100% universal.

Such interior doors can be installed anywhere

  • Rooms – a classic option for a private house, apartment, etc.;
  • Kitchen (help to prevent odor and sound spreading);
  • Bathroom (shared, home);
  • Saunas, swimming pools;
  • Technical premises;
  • Offices and commercial premises.

Many people make a decision to buy interior doors made of metal, as they have a wide range of benefits and low cost. In addition, they look appropriate in any environment, from classics to business office and ultra minimalist high-tech.

All this and more you can get by contacting us.  Trust our team of professionals, and we promise you will be satisfied.

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Examples of installed PVC interior doors

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