Metal doors

Plamet metal doors: safety and beauty!

Plamet metal entrance doors are more than just a functional element, they are 2 in 1:

  1. “Business card” of the house or apartment;
  2. High-quality protection against illegal intrusion.

We offer our customers strong and reliable metal structures that are 100% versatile, as they can be installed in various objects:

  • Apartments;
  • Cottages and private houses;
  • Offices;
  • Technical premises;
  • Shopping centers.

Choosing a door made of quality metal, you get not only excellent protection from any encroachment, but also aesthetic comfort, the implementation of an atmosphere of comfort and proper heat insulation.

Metal doors available and to order

Plamet company is able to satisfy the requests of any customer in Kyiv and Cherkasy, as we work simultaneously in 2 vectors:

  1. You can order metal doors within the warehouse program. On the Sale page you can order ready-made metal doors as part of the warehouse program. This is the best solution when metal doors are needed “for yesterday!”
  2. Making an individual order. You save energy and time and get what you want. We create to order metal doors with any design. If you need non-standard solutions that are difficult to find on the market of finished products, we will be happy to turn your bold wishes into life.

Whichever option you choose, you will be satisfied with our customer-oriented service and the quality of finished metal doors.

Advantages of metal entrance doors by Plamet

Modern active life rhythm dictates its rules. Metal doors are becoming a real must have! They guarantee an increased level of security and peace of mind, and there are many other objective advantages:

  • Strength at maximum – the metal is known for its fire-retardant, impact-resistant properties;
  • Heat and noise insulation. You will be no longer afraid of weather conditions, as your door will preserve a pleasant microclimate in a room. Extraneous odors, heat or frost will not penetrate inside, and as an added bonus – you will not hear extraneous sounds;
  • Tightness of a design at the correct installation which we guarantee;
  • Metal doors are “not afraid” of moisture, as the metal is treated with a special anti-corrosion agent;
  • Stylish finish and unique design.

Behind such doors, our customers feel “like behind a stone wall.”

TOP reasons to order metal doors by Plamet

There are many reasons why you should trust Plamet to make your ideal metal door:

  • Wide range of metal doors with different configurations;
  • Pleasant prices, as you buy directly from the manufacturer, without intermediaries.
  • Efficiency of production. We promise the shortest possible terms of production.
  • Unconditional quality. All Plamet metal doors are made of selected metal, decorated with quality fittings, strong, durable, resistant to breakage.
  • We provide a full package of guarantees from the manufacturer.

Turnkey service

We perform all the necessary work. This includes the development of a commercial proposal, manufacture, delivery, installation and post-warranty maintenance.

You will also appreciate our loyalty, nice discounts and bonuses!

Contact us now and you will soon have the door of your dreams!

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