Balcony door

One of the types of metal-plastic doors is a balcony door.

How do they differ from the usual doors that we are used to see?

In simple terms, install a door to the balcony, is a large window.

They are made from a window profile and equipped with window fittings (pivot or tilt-and-turn). They have a window handle.

Balcony doors are equipped with two adjustable window hinges.

The filling of such a door can be either glass or sandwich panels.

For what purpose can a balcony door be used:

  1. In apartments for glazing of the exits to a balcony, or balcony partitions-doors.
  2. Glazing in commercial areas, such as utility rooms or electrical rooms.
  3. In private houses, in the attic or for an outdoor shower or dry closet.
  4. In a greenhouse for agriculture.

As you can see, the use of balcony doors in everyday life is very extensive and varied, and all due to the fact that they have a low cost, they are very convenient to use and maintain.

It should also be remembered that we produce balcony doors, as well as the entire balcony block with windows to order. Therefore, there is no need to choose standards and think about how to close the holes, or how to enlarge the opening. We will do everything individually for you. White or laminated, all according to your choice and taste.

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