Wood or plastic?

Wood or plastic?

Compared to wooden windows, metal-plastic windows have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. But we can still see a lot of wooden windows in the houses. What to choose?

If the production of wooden windows is of high quality, then the manufacturing process takes place according to the same scheme as metal-plastic. Accessories and double-glazed windows are also used in production, but the main material is wood, not plastic.

Which windows to choose made of wood or plastic?

But there is 1 minus – this is hygroscopicity – the wooden profile in the window absorbs water very much, as a result of which, depending on the level of humidity and temperature affecting the tree, it can swell or shrink. So that the window does not have such effects, the tree is impregnated with special chemical solutions. After such actions, a wooden window no longer becomes natural and not harmful. And the care of such windows is more difficult and more expensive.

Due to the high tightness of metal-plastic windows have a low price and a high level of noise and thermal insulation. It is safe to say that metal-plastic windows remove drafts in the house and save your costs when heating the room.

High tightness of all parts of the structure creates maximum noise insulation. All types of weathering do not affect metal-plastic windows, which makes them durable. Metal-plastic window has a service life of at least 20 years.

The surface of the metal-plastic window does not peel off, because it always has a beautiful view. Metal-plastic windows do not need re-painting or varnishing, and metal-plastic windows do not require insulation for the winter period.

If you decide to replace the windows in your house or apartment, we recommend that you install metal-plastic windows from Plamet. After all, all the mechanisms of our metal-plastic windows are made in conditions of modern style and quality, and also do not require special care.

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